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Rocket Fuel: How the Mavs stole Parsons; Rockets bench analysis

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Everything to get you up to speed on the Rockets, in one place

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We're going to try out a daily (or most days) links post, with "Rocket Fuel" as a working title. If you have better suggestions for this, let me know. On to the links:

How Dallas Mavericks stole Chandler Parsons from Houston Rockets - ESPN - Marc Stein goes in on how Chandler Parsons skipped town, including the burgeoning Cuban-Morey rivalry.

The Pattern of Basketball: Rockets Bench - Former SB Nation writer Jonathan Tjarks gives his assessment of the Rockets' new bench after last night's game.

Trevor Ariza: ‘It was extremely tough to leave Washington’ - The Washington Post - Trevor Ariza thought he was going to return to Washington but decided to sign with Houston after negotiations with the Wizards stalled.

Morning session to host final arguments in CSN Houston case - Today is final arguments in the bankruptcy case for CSN Houston. This needs to get resolved by Oct. 30 so most Rockets fans can, you know, actually watch their team.

Feigen's gamer from last night -- Houston Chronicle - An absolute gem from the story:

Agonizing as the first-half foul fest on Tuesday had to be to endure, there was a moment to mark the occasion that even the whistles that provided the soundtrack for the evening could not interrupt. As McHale called a play with his former small forward a few feet away, Parsons asked him to repeat the call he had heard so many times through his first three NBA seasons. "You didn’t know the plays last year," McHale said. "You’re not going to know them this year."

The NBA's salary talks are about to get interesting. - Sports on Earth - From Sports on Earth's Michael V. Pina: "Giving someone as smart as Morey even more cap space to play with is dangerous, and the NBA's influx of money almost definitely extends Houston's window as a scary title contender, helping them as much as any team in the short term."

What We Learned from Week 1 of Houston Rockets Camp | Bleacher Report - Michael Jones says Dwight Howard "could be in the best shape of his life," like everyone else, and offers other thoughts.