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Dwight Howard underrated; Patrick Beverley says Rockets lacked effort - Rocket Fuel

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In today's Rocket Fuel, the Internet begins to come around on Dwight Howard, Pat Beverley calls out his fellow starters and the Rockets are selling road tickets

Scott Halleran

Day two of Rocket Fuel: The Refueling. It seems some writers are beginning to try to change the narrative around Dwight Howard, all while hammering home the narrative around Dwight Howard. To the links!

Can Superman Still Fly? - The Cauldron -- Jonathan Tjarks gives us even more goodness on the Rockets, this time going deep on Dwight Howard, and how he's still the best center of the NBA. Terrific read.

Has Houston Rockets' Dwight Howard Now Become Underrated? | Bleacher Report -- From Dave Leonardis: "Howard may be the least talked-about superstar in the NBA. His name rarely comes up as an MVP candidate despite his being the most important player on one of the league's best teams. After averaging 18.3 points, 12.2 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game last season, Howard has become all but forgotten."

Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie's Rockets Season Preview -- The sage Eric Freeman asks: Can the Rockets improve after a failure of a summer? My take: the roster now looks deeper than last year's, but even Daryl Morey would call this summer a swing-and-miss.

Pat Beverley: Rockets lacking effort again - Ultimate Rockets -- The Rockets' sparkplug and hardest hustler, Pat Beverley, is already calling out his teammates for not playing as hard as Pat Beverley.

Rockets tie with Hawks for ninth-hottest NBA ticket - Houston Business Journal -- The Rockets are a top 10 draw on both their fan's wallets and in opponents' arenas so far this year.

Best Coach in all of the NBA - Sonics Rising -- Sonics Rising's Kevin Nesgoda has Kevin McHale at 24, ahead of Flip Saunders, ironically, and behind Steve Clifford at 23, deservedly. But should McHale be below David Blatt (No. 9) who has never coached in the NBA? Should he be below Monty Williams (16), Mike Malone (18), and Jacque Vaughn (22)? I don't think necessarily think so.