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Isaiah Canaan, fantasy sleeper

Canaan has been getting great run filling in for Patrick Beverley during his injury. What value does he bring for the rest of the year?

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Mike Ehrmann

Isaiah Canaan has proven he belongs in the NBA. After a year in the D-League and questions about his performance in the preseason, he's filled in for Patrick Beverley while the starter is injured, and provided valuable bench minutes when Bev has played.

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Canaan's value is obvious when he's in the starting lineup: he gets more than 20 minutes per game, he shoots threes at both a high rate and percentage, and he's good for at least a steal per game. Until last night's game against the Wolves, Canaan had made at least two three-pointers in each of the previous five games. He's shooting 46.7 percent from deep and 47.1 percent from the field, two very useful numbers.

For the guys playing daily fantasy hoops at FanDuel (you can sign up here if you're not already), Canaan is someone to target as a bargain basement point guard until Beverley comes back.

If you're like me and your regular fantasy basketball team was autodrafted and your bench is a joke, Canaan may just prove useful the rest of the year. He might see 15 minutes a game, but if it's a Sunday and you need to make up ground in three-pointers and steals, you could do much worse. It's hard to imagine him being left out of the nine-man rotation when Beverley comes back; he's too athletic and too talented to be benched completely for Jason Terry.

Canaan might hit a shooting slump, and considering he's a point guard, his assist numbers are a complete laughing stock. But don't discount his value the rest of the year. He's a young gun, and he should only improve in the Rockets high-octane offense.