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Yao Ming: A Tallness Compendium

For some reason, our parent site, SB Nation, has recently discovered that Yao is really friggin' tall, and such height leads to high comedy (we got a million of these).

Love the matching blazers on Yao and Muggsy
Love the matching blazers on Yao and Muggsy
Getty Images

If you didn't catch it on SB Nation proper yesterday, here's a video of Yao struggling to fit in a Lincoln Navigator (which is quite a large automobile):

If you're wondering what the paparazzo is bugging Yao about, it's a film about wildlife preservation that he produced and starred in called Saving Africa's Giants, which will be shown on Animal Planet next Tuesday, November 18th at 10PM Eastern. Yao did a Reddit AMA yesterday to promote the film, which was fun, if not earth-shattering. He is a funny guy.

This is not the first time that Yao has been captured being really tall. For your Friday dicking-around pleasure, here is a collection of images that drive home the fact that Yao is really tall. He's tall. He makes other things and people look not so tall.

Like Jon Daly:

I'd say he looks closer to a Chucky doll than Mini-Me, but that's nitpicking.


Honestly, they kinda just look like two normal guys, until you see the top of the wall behind them for a frame of reference, and then HO LAWD THAT'S SOME BIG BOYS RIGHT THERE.

Novak Djokovic:

Wink emoticon roughly translates to "if you know what I mean." Applying that to Djoker's tweet is quite sexual. I think I'd like to live in a world where that's what he actually meant.

And David Beckham:

With bonus Prince William! Is it a law in England to make him look tall? Because he's maybe the least dwarfed-looking person in all these photos. (He is 6'3", but still.) I think he's just standing closer to the camera. Still, though - Mini-Becks! I'm gonna put him in my pocket.

And, of course, Muggsy Bogues:

A photo posted by Adam Silver (@adamsilvernba) on

Why can't we have even one more NBA player named Muggsy? Just one, so we could all have more excuses to say, "nyah, see" all the damn time? Nyah, see, Muggsy's dealin' with a gimpy ankle, so he's day-to-day, see?

Also, feel free to consider this post as an updated version of one from a while back, which includes this photo showing Yao to be taller than a bunch of other Rockets big men, including Dwight Howard:

Yao Ming is pretty tall.