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Rockets vs. Sixers game thread: 53-point win or bust

The Sixers just lost by 53 points to the Mavericks. Let's see if the Rockets can top that.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets probably won't beat the Sixers by 54 points tonight, but gosh I hope they do. The Mavericks made the Sixers look like a rec league squad on a bad day.

The Rockets will again be without Patrick Beverley and Terrence Jones. Those two could be back for Sunday's game against the Thunder. The Rockets haven't needed them yet -- with the exception of the Warriors' game -- and they won't need them tonight. My prediction: 110-83, but I hope it's far, far worse than that.

As I said on Twitter today, I hope Nick Johnson gets some run. If the Rockets get a big lead, let's see how he does against (sorta) NBA-level talent with some NBA-level teammates. What do you hope to see tonight (other than pointzzzzz)?