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NBA Unveils 2014 Christmas Jerseys; Rockets Edition Included

The Rockets won't play on Christmas Day this season, but they still have a Christmas Day jersey. That's just the way the NBA likes it.

A full day of NBA basketball has become the norm on Christmas Day, so to are the outlandish uniforms wore during the games. Today the NBA introduces the uniforms team would be wearing on December 25:

There are three main elements to this year's edition of the uniform, teams' primary or secondary logo has replaced the traditional name on the first of the jersey, a Philadelphia Flyers-like nameplate has been put below the players' numbers on the back, and the player's first name is on the nameplate instead of the last name.

These jerseys are a shotgun blast of multiple elements and lack any level of a creativity. It appears the question  presented to NBA marketing team when creating the monstrosities was not "what will push the boundaries?", "what do the fans want?", or even "what will look good on our athletes?" The real thought process was lazier than that, "what haven't we done already with the current jersey templates that we can easily flip for some Christmas cash?" Who exactly has been clamoring for a jersey that just "Derrick" on the back?

For all the grief I've given the previous editions of the Christmas uniforms, there is least some level of creativity in them. The lone positive is the fact that there are no sleeves. It's a win my book any day.

Moving on, the Rockets are not playing on Christmas day for the first time since the 2011-2012 season. But they still have their own version of the Christmas Jersey at the NBA online store. Behold:

XMas Jersey

The Rockets edition looks like a practice jersey and game jersey had a baby. Maybe I'm being too harsh, TDS what do you think?