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Dwight Howard admitted to beating his 6-year-old son

Dwight made headlines today, but not the good kind like you want.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard has admitted to whipping his son's legs with a belt, leaving abrasions on his legs, according to TMZ.

His son was 6 years old -- two years older than Adrian Peterson's son when the running back beat him with a switch -- and his mother, Royce Reed, reported the abuse to Children's Services in Orlando, FL.

Dwight, like Peterson, claimed he received the same treatment as a child, and didn't see anything wrong with the way he acted. His lawyers also filed documents claiming that the injuries the child sustained were not significant enough to warrant medical attention, a claim supported by Children's Services in their investigation, according to NBC news.

Even though Howard likely won't face any criminal charges following this incident, it's still upsetting news that in the wake of the highly publicized Peterson case, Dwight claimed ignorance when confronted about his disciplinary practices with his son. That being said, we don't (and probably won't) know the timeline of the allegations. And to throw more doubt in the equation, TMZ also reports that Dwight filed for sole custody of his son, claiming that Reed gave the child psychotropic drugs to keep him subdued. Howard's lawyer released a statement, claiming "It's no coincidence that these false [child abuse] allegations were 'leaked' on the heels of Dwight filing for major custody of his son."

So there are grains of salt to be taken in every corner of this whole story, even though Dwight did admit to using corporal punishment. Here's hoping he learned his lesson. The NBA has not released any statement regarding the case, and it would be surprising to see him disciplined for this by the league or the Rockets.