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Rockets vs. Grizzlies game thread: Biggest game of the season

The Rockets and Grizzlies are 9-1, the best records in the NBA. Someone's gotta lose tonight in Memphis

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I was confident going into every single one of the Rockets' wins so far this year, and decidedly unconfident before the Rockets' lone loss to the Warriors (no Dwight, Bev or T-Jones may have had something to do with that). This game I am even less confident then I was before the Warriors game.

Even when healthy, the Rockets don't appear to match up well with the Grizzlies. Marc Gasol is a terrific center, Tony Allen is a great perimeter defender, which means Zach Randolph and Mike Conley are the X-Factors for the Grizz, and Trevor Ariza and Beverley are the Rockets who can make a difference. I don't like those odds.

I think we go to 9-2, but if the Rockets are hot from deep (a very real possibility) then nobody's beating this team. Can't wait!