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Rockets interested in trading for Corey Brewer?

That, plus the return of a Rockets podcast, are headlining today's Rocket Fuel.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

You know what positions the Rockets need better players at? Power forward and center? You know what Corey Brewer isn't? A power forward or center.

Rockets in trade market for Corey Brewer | ESPN

Marc Stein says the Wolves are shopping Brewer and the Rockets and Cavs are the prime suitors. The only way this would make sense for the Rockets is if they got a big along with Brewer, and if they just wanted him to stop becoming James Worthy when he played against them.

RocketsCast Live - Episode 1 | Houston Rockets

Adam Wexler resurfaces! As does Matt Jackson! Now that we're in the grieving phase of Red Nation Radio, this might be a good podcast to attempt to fill the bottomless void in our hearts (miss u guys).

Rockets top Marc Stein's power rankings | ESPN

The rules are the rules. If the Rockets beat the Grizzlies tonight, saving an epic collapse against the Lakers, I think they'll be No. 1 across the board next week.

NBA's 10 most underrated highlights of the week |

I hope this feature continues all year, as do moments like Dwight Howard taking Nikola Pekovic from the three-point line to the cup with a spin move off the dribble.

Kevin Durant slings insults toward Dwight Howard in ugly game |

Kevin Durant called Dwight Howard a pussy during yesterday's game. Players all over the NBA say worse stuff all the time. Not sure why this is getting standalone posts on, but it's 2014 I guess.