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Rockets leading Corey Brewer sweepstakes?

Apparently Daryl Morey is still pursuing a guy at the Rockets' deepest position. Luckily there's plenty of other good stuff in today's Rocket Fuel

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets have an $8.32 million traded player exception. This tool allows them to trade for up to $8.32 million in salary without giving any back (theoretically) and not have to worry about the salary cap. That money is there after dumping Jeremy Lin and a first-round pick on the Lakers.

This is Daryl Morey's most important trade chip. It's what we hope he uses to acquire another big man because their front line is insanely thin, and who knows when Terrence Jones and Dwight Howard are coming back? That being said...

Houston Rockets leading race to get Corey Brewer | Waiting For Next Year

The Houston Rockets may be the leader in the race to acquire Minnesota Timberwolves swingman Corey Brewer. I have no idea what to make of this, considering small forward is THE ONLY POSITION WE DON'T NEED AT ALL. Since this story broke, Wolves GM/coach Flip Saunders has said Brewer's "too valuable to move," but that could very well be posturing.

McHale has solution to playing without stars - make shots | Houston Chronicle

It's stuff like this that make you frustrated with McHale. I'm of the opinion that he's not as bad as some think, but he's not the right coach for this team in the long run.

Terry on 'other side' of Mavs-Rockets rivalry | ESPN Dallas

ESPN Dallas' Tim McMahon says Terry "readily admits that there’s still a lot of blue running through his blood." But Terry added "I definitely don't want [the] Mavericks to win." No crazy insights, but a good read nonetheless.

Parsons thankful to Rockets, but ‘won’t send a Christmas present' | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Parsons says he "hasn't really even thought about" playing in Houston again. I doubt it.

James Harden: Fashion Icon |


Kobe Bryant: Trash talking Dwight took place 'in the heat of the moment' |

Kobe Bryant takes back calling Dwight a pussy. Let's see if KD does the same thing. I just want them to armwrestle D12 and then talk shit with noodle arms.

Josh Powell Joins Rockets Coaching Staff | RealGM

The Rockets had him on roster last season and cut him before this season began. It was odd seeing him on the roster because his presence there made no sense. Now it does: the coaching staff clearly loves him and like his basketball mind. Hope he's a good addition.

Breaking It Down: What Happened To The Rockets Offense? | CBS Houston

Don't we all want to relive the Rockets' collapse on Wednesday? I sure don't, but this is a great film-room breakdown by Adam Spolane.