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Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks game preview

The Rockets look to end a 2-game losing streak tonight when they face Chandler Parsons and the Mavs tonight.

This man will be guarding Dirk tonight. This is not a good thing.
This man will be guarding Dirk tonight. This is not a good thing.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets lost 98-92 at home to the Lakers three days ago.

Last night, the Mavericks beat the Lakers 140-104.

The Rockets will likely be without Dwight Howard tonight.

I would end the preview right there, but there's a 150-word minimum we have to hit.

In all seriousness, this game should be a blowout in the Mavs' favor. Dallas has been scoring over 200 points in every game (all stats approximate) and while Houston's defense has been much-improved, it's unlikely they will be able to stop the Mavs without Dwight Howard. Seriously, who's supposed to guard Dirk Nowitzki tonight? D-Mo? Tarik Black? Oh jeez I can see the apocalypse now.

And while I was pleased with the easy opening slate so the team could mesh together, the Rockets are hitting a really tough stretch without their starting power forward and center. The Rockets lost the opening game in this 5-game homestand against the Lakers, but the next four games are doozies.

The Mavericks should carve this team apart.

The Knicks almost beat Houston at Toyota Center last year and Houston might be without Dwight Howard in that game.

The Kings beat Houston twice last year and look incredibly dangerous.

The Clippers were the only team to sweep Houston last season.


Oh, and I think the Mavericks are winning the Southwest Division this year.

Tipoff is at 7pm CST.

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