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Rockets vs. Knicks game thread: Depleted Houston welcomes 'Melo

The Rockets will be James Harden and the Hardenettes against Melo and the Meltones.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Lots of people will look at tonight's game, see the lineups and say "it's James Harden vs. Carmelo Anthony tonight." False.

It's Trevor Ariza against 'Melo, and I have full confidence in Trev to stifle Anthony. That being said, Iman Shumpert will be guarding Harden, and while he's far from Ariza, he's no slouch defensively.

Ultimately I think this will come down to if any of Isaiah Canaan, Kostas Papanikolaou, Donatas Motiejunas or Tarik Black can have a big game. If just one of them goes off, and Harden does Harden things, I think the Rockets pull it out. The Knicks are terrible.

And... go!