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Rockets vs. Kings Game Thread: The Boogie-Tarik Black matchup everyone wanted

Lots of injured starters in this game, but with Boogie coming to town, the Rockets are in for a fight.

Boogie's coming, and there's no Dwight in his way
Boogie's coming, and there's no Dwight in his way
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento are the feistiest upstarts west of New Orleans, and they're in Houston to start some shit. This should be a close game - whether it's a good one, well...

The Rockets are still missing Pat Beverley, Terrence Jones and Dwight Howard. The Kings are missing Darren Collison and Rudy Gay. Everyone's limping and no one even gets a long Thanksgiving weekend, since both teams play on Friday as well. Still, both teams bring an upper-tier star to the table, so it's still worth watching. That's probably why you're here, anyway. Now, the question becomes: who's got the broader shoulders with which to carry his team? Man, Boogie-Dwight would have been fantastic, though. That'll have to wait until December 11th.

The 12th win of the year is a lucky one (if you believe). Let's go get it.