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Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Clippers game preview

The Rockets look to beat a Clippers team that swept them last year.

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Well, the Rockets are 3-1 on this homestand and that's roughly where I thought they would be pre-injuries. With the injuries, I expected 2-3 in these five games, but Houston has already surpassed that. These wins count just as much as healthy ones and Houston took advantage. Hopefully the injuries now will give players confidence when the team needs them later this season. Everyone talks about how OKC will be better because their role players will be better when the stars come back. Well, I think the same is true here.

As for giving thanks, I'm thankful that we have our homers in Bill Worrell, Clyde Drexler, and Matt Bullard instead of Ralph Lawler and Michael Smith, the Clippers guys.

Firstly, our guys aren't openly racist. Full disclosure: my parents are Persian and therefore I get pretty testy when someone tries to say anything about Iran.

Secondly, I've tried to listen to them but I can't get past the number of times that Lawler yells "OH ME OH MY!" and describing everything as a "Monster X."


Everything gets an "OH ME OH MY!" and anything can be a monster play. It's very frustrating listening to them. Cue the Clippers fans and their hate in the comments. I know that Clippers fans do exist in the wild, but they mostly seem to reveal themselves when the Lakers are bad. Hmm...

We'll have a pretty quick matchups part because Thanksgiving food is still making me drowsy.

Tip off is at 7pm CST.


Point Guard: Isaiah Canaan vs. Chris Paul

I hear this Paul guy is pretty good.

Advantage: Clippers

Shooting Guard: James Harden vs. J.J. Redick

It was last year against Redick that the Harden defensive woes became well-known. He played lazy defense against Redick, who went off against the Rockets in LA. Thus the infamous Youtube video was born.

No one mentions that he's gotten better at defense this season, and that's fine by me. Unless James needs the affirmation from the media, in which case we should all talk about how he's improved.

Advantage: Rockets

Small Forward: Trevor Ariza vs. Reggie Bullock/Jamal Crawford

Just know that the more Bullock misses, the more likely that Crawford plays heavy minutes. This is a double-edged sword in every sense. Crawford will get plenty of minutes and still hit shots that make you go "HOW?!?!"

Ariza needs to keep slashing since he's been getting rewarded for his off-the-ball movement. With no Howard, the perimeter ball movement has had to get better out of necessity and it has.

Advantage: Even

Power Forward: Donatas Motiejunas vs. Blake Griffin

D-Mo has been playing well, but I'm not ready to say that he's a full-fledged starting PF or anything. I'm sure Daryl Morey is happy because it makes D-Mo look more favorable to opposing GMs. And even if he doesn't get traded, this experience is sure to be helpful in the latter parts of the season.

Griffin is going to go off on him today.

Advantage: Clippers

Center: Tarik Black vs. DeAndre Jordan

Poll question of the day has to do with this matchup.

Advantage: Clippers


Rockets: Propeller Plane, Kostas PapanikolaouJoey DorseyFrancisco Garcia

Clippers: Glen Davis, Spencer Hawes, Hedo Turkoglu, Jordan Farmar, Jamal Crawford

Advantage: Clippers

Prediction: Clippers demolish the Rockets 114-82.

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