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Houston Rockets vs. Milwaukee Bucks game preview

The Rockets look to bounce back from their loss to the Clippers against the Bucks tonight in Milwaukee.

Hey if all our guys get injured do we get to borrow one of their players?
Hey if all our guys get injured do we get to borrow one of their players?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this sucks. As if losing Dwight Howard, Terrence Jones, and Patrick Beverley wasn't enough, now Houston will be without Isaiah Canaan for a few days. Yuck.

It's a good thing the Rockets have plenty of time to rest between games-aaaannnddd they play again tonight.

After playing a team with a new owner, the Rockets head to Milwaukee to face another team with new owners.

The Bucks were the NBA's worst team last year, but Houston still had trouble with them and couldn't blow out the hapless Milwaukee squad in either matchup.

Well, the Bucks aren't so hapless anymore. At 10-7, they stand at fourth in the East and have undergone a real turnaround. Credit to Jason Kidd for bringing this young team along. Maybe the problem for him in Brooklyn was that he was working with too many veterans who remembered playing against him. In Milwaukee, most of the players probably looked up to him and know him as a legend.

Last night in Detroit, the Bucks rode their bench to a win over the Pistons. This avenged an earlier loss in Detroit for the Bucks.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Houston is getting destroyed tonight. These injuries are stacked too high. With a game against Memphis coming up on Wednesday, the Rockets could soon be falling into a hole.

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