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Rockets' hot start finally drawing some national attention

National NBA writers took a break from yammering on about the Cavs and Lakers to talk about the Rockets.

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Get angry, Dwight
Get angry, Dwight
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets have the best record in the league. Yes, the Warriors and Grizzlies are undefeated, but six wins is more than five or four so nyah nyah nah nah nah.

As the team with the best record in the league, including two blowouts on national television, people are starting to take notice. Rockets love is on the menu in today's Rocket Fuel:

After losing the offseason, Rockets are winning when it counts -- for now |

Ken Berger jumps on the Rockets bandwagon, but with more trepidation. This was written before the Rockets' dismantling of the Spurs.

Superman’s return(?) lifts Rockets |'s Sekou Smith says basically what I wrote at the beginning of the year, but he gets paid the big bucks and isn't a die-hard fan so it means more.

Root Sports Houston gets clearance to launch | Sports Update

Pardon the pun, but Root Sports is preparing for liftoff.

There is going to be a bloodbath on Saturday night | Red94

I know Red94 is technically a competitor, but I love reading Rahat's insights and writing. His take on the 6-0 start and what to expect on Saturday is definitely worth a read.

Steve Kerr is trading sleep for wins as Warriors coach | USA Today

Not a Rockets thing, but I loved Steve Kerr as an analyst, on Twitter and as a podcast guest. The Warriors are crazy fun to watch, and I hope the Rockets murder them tomorrow night.