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Gamethread: Rockets v. Warriors

Two undefeated teams enter, only one will come out unscathed. Can Houston push its winning streak to 7 games?

This is the first real test for this Houston squad against a fully loaded western conference contender. We'll see if Houston can keep up their blistering winning streak against playoff level competition. Both teams are entering this game with a combined 10-0 record after the first few weeks of regular season competition.

More importantly, sit back and enjoy watching two undefeated teams with high powered offenses go blow for blow in one of the most exciting NBA games of the season so far. Unfortunately, we will not have the luxury of enjoying another Chandler Parsons/Mark Jackson tiff after this one.

My popcorn is certainly still out, though.

Go check out the good folks over at Golden State Of Mind to get the perspective of Warriors fans for the game this evening. Plus they always have great reads over there to enjoy. As always, be respectful when posting on others gamethreads - attack arguments, not people.