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Are the Rockets candidates for regression?

One analytical writer said the Rockets are due for a step back.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Rockets, Raptors Candidates for NBA Regression | Nylon Calculus

Seth Partnow breaks down some analytic shooting stats and thinks the Rockets are due for regression. The shooting might come down, but the talent will come back. Not sure how that balances out, but it will be just peachy if the Rockets can get healthy as their schedule starts to get harder, which starts on Wednesday.

Are Houston Rockets Title Contenders or Just Really Good Pretenders? | Bleacher Report

This is a stupid question to ask right now, but Kelly Scaletta did a decent job of looking into the numbers.

Omri Casspi says time with Rockets taught him to play ‘right way’ | Ultimate Rockets

Casspi was kind of a pleasant surprise for the Rockets last year, despite wearing down as the year went on. Now he's flourishing in Sacto. Good for him.

Rockets choose to live by the three as they shoot historic numbers |

Zach Harper has the best piece of Rockets analysis I've read this year. It's phenomenal, and all about the Rockets' historic shooting pace. He compares the shooting heat maps from their players from last year to this year.

Here's my favorite line: " If the Rockets are able to be a title contender in a copycat league by hoisting a historic rate of 3-point attempts, eventually it will just be the standard for those trying to win a championship. 3-point accuracy has been important in this era of title contenders, but 3-point volume could end up being the new trend when we get a large sample size of Daryl Morey's offensive standards."

Relaxed approach seems to be helping Black, Motiejunas | Ultimate Rockets

McHale says Black and Motiejunas both seem more relaxed. Maybe it's maturity, but any NBA player will tell you that consistent playing time does magical things for a player's confidence and output.

Rockets No. 4 in CBS Power Rankings|

Matt Moore says he's impressed with Kevin McHale. McHale has a lot of haters here, but 13-4 with those injuries doesn't lie. The Rockets are No. 6 on SB Nation and No. 7 on ESPN, which makes literally no sense to me.