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Houston Rockets: The Walking... Injured?

To say the Rockets are a little banged up is an understatement.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Another day in December goes by and another eighteen Houston Rockets end up on the injury report. Okay, that's an exaggeration. You have to be frustrated as a fan, the team is only a half game behind the red hot, Memphis Grizzlies for the division lead, have to watch as the Thunder have gone from having nine guys on the injury report to being completely healthy.

Now the Rockets on the eve of their biggest game of the early season, which should have been a rematch/revenge game against the Golden State Warriors is now a, Don't-Lose-By-30 Game.


Okay, let's look at it together and maybe we can contain our anger together.

1. Terrence Jones (knee) - Out until at least mid December

Seriously, what is going on with Terrence Jones? All we've gotten is a tweet saying he's doing "better," but the guy couldn't feel his legs at one point. Shouldn't there be some sort of acknowledgment like "hey, he's gonna be out a while." But nope, he's just on the list, in perpetuity.

2. Francisco Garcia (ankle) - Questionable for the game against Golden State on 12/10

Is this really that big of a loss  Addition by subtraction?

3. Kostas Papanikolaou (knee) - Out until at least mid December

Hold on.  I have to step outside for a second.

In December Papa has averaged 11-4-2 on 55% shooting from the field and has been a plus defender. Not only does he give Kevin McHale and bench unit 28 minutes a night on average, he also gives McHale 28 solid minutes a night and his name is fun as shit to say.

4. Isaiah Canaan (ankle) - Out for game against Golden State

Patrick Beverly is back, so this isn't all that bad. Oh, what? He shoots almost 25% better from the floor than Nick Johnson does?

Still better than a soup kitchen.

5. Dwight Howard (knee) - Doubtful for game against Golden State

How long does it take to heal his freaking knee!? I thought he was getting the same treatment as Kobe was in Germany.  Why the hell is it taking so long?  This is getting frustrating.  I thought we could potentially get through this together.  And we have one more.

6. James Harden (back) - Questionable for game against Golden State

And the rest of the teams in the West are kicking back and singing this little ditty:

I'm going to bed.