A few stats on Howard and DMo as a pairing

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Rockets 2014-15 overall team stats. 101.9 offensive rating, 96.7 D rating, a 5.3 net rating.

2014-15, Howard and DMo two man lineup: 174 minutes, 101.9 Offensive rating, 85.8 defensive rating, 16.1 net rating. That's the 5th best net rating of any two man lineup that's played over 100 minutes for the Rockets.

Their O rating is identical to the overall team O rating. The team has the league's 20th rated offense. Offensively, DMo + Dwight, like the Rockets in general, have been slightly below average. That 85.8 D rating is the second best of any 2 man rockets lineup that's gotten at least 100 minutes, behind Dwight + Beverley. (The first 5 lineups all include Dwight. Also, that Bev + Dwight lineup has net rating 30.0 in 42 minutes.)

That D rating though, is really really good. Probably unsustainably good. The Rockets' overall D rating of 96.7 is the 2nd best in the league, behind the warriors at 94.6. Dwight + DMo has posted a D rating 8.8 per 100 better than the top D in the league. That's about the difference between the top defense and league average.

So far, Dwight + DMo looks really good. Solid offense, incredible defense. But it needs to be put next to their individual stats.

In 626 minutes DMo has posted an O rating of 102.5 and a D rating of 96.8, for a net rating of 5.7. Just a tad better than the team's overall rating.

In 364 minutes, Dwight has an offensive rating of 105.2 and a defensive rating of 87.3, for a net rating of 17.9. So basically, when Dwight has been in, the Rockets have been awesome. They've been slightly less awesome with Dwight + DMo than with Dwight and not DMo, but still awesome.

This is why the Dwight + DMo lineup has worked and will continue to work; it contains Dwight Howard, and Dwight Howard is really really good.

I wanted to see how good the projected starting lineup with DMo and Dwight is, but this is not working. So far as I can tell, and I'm having trouble believing this, our most played 5 man lineup has played 72 minutes.!/1610612745/lineups/advanced/?sort=MIN&dir=1&CF=MIN*G*50

I would like to see what the team stats are excepting lineups including Howard and DMo, but I don't know how to do this. I would like to see what DMo's ratings are without Dwight, and Dwight's without DMo, but I don't know how to do this either.

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