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Rockets vs. Pelicans game thread: Brow vs. Beard

The quest for win No. 20

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Abel made an excellent point in his (typically excellent) game preview: the Pelicans almost certainly arrived in Houston before the Rockets did last night. This is not your typical home game, or even your typical back-to-back.

That being said, I still expect a win. Why, with players coming off a grueling overtime game in the toughest physical setting the NBA? Because they're the Rockets. They're 19-5 despite some of the worst injury luck in the league. There's no reason to predict them to lose any game at this point.

Anthony Davis might be one of them, though. I expect him to be monstrous tonight, with Dwight likely to play many fewer minutes and no one else who can come close to guarding him. I also expect James Harden -- somehow -- to make a performance that further cements his status as MVP frontrunner.