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A T-Shirt contest for The Dream Shake readers

Two of you will win this awesome shirt

Dream T-Shirt by Million Dollar Balllers
Dream T-Shirt by Million Dollar Balllers

We're doing a little contest for the holidays this week: a T-shirt giveaway.

Two of you can win this sweet T-shirt for free, just for participating in a little Photoshop contest. He who can make the best Corey Brewer photoshop after he has played his way into our hearts. Submit your photoshop by 5 p.m. tomorrow, central time, with your T-shirt size in the header. The T-shirts are from Million Dollar Ballers and they're awesome (disclosure: I am also getting a T-shirt because, well, just look at that thing. It rules.

You can follow Million Dollar Ballers on Twitter at @mdballers. They also have a sweet Beard T-shirt (their shirts cost $30). Have at it folks.