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Isaiah Canaan out of walking boot, Dwight Howard's knee 'passes test'

Some injury news in today's Rocket Fuel.

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Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Four key players are injured for the Rockets, and not a single one of them has a timetable for return. Dwight Howard appears closest, but there's still no indication. Patrick Beverley figures to rest his hamstring until it's absolutely 100 percent after two setbacks. We're still not sure if Terrence Jones can move his legs.

So we're grateful for some good news in today's Rocket Fuel.

Howard's knee passes test, but return uncertain | Houston Chronicle

Howard is jumping off the right knee without pain, he says, but he still doesn't have a target date. My guess: he skips the back-to-back on Friday and Saturday and comes back next week.

Isaiah Canaan out of walking boot, still not practicing | Sports Injury Alert

Good news everyone! I doubt we're without Canaanball for much longer. Please come back soon, everything is just depressing right now (you know, other than the 13-4 record).

Harden at No. 4 in MVP power rankings |

The Beard is behind Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis and Marc Gasol. Hard to argue with these rankings because it's so early, but if the Rockets keep pace with both the Grizz and Dubs and continue to have loads of injuries, I think Harden should move up the list.

A history of hating Dwight Howard |

Eddie Maisonet asks: Where did all this hate for Dwight Howard come from? Pretty solid read (we love you Dwight).

Five reasons the Rockets are championship contenders | Dime Magazine

I don't disagree with any of these reasons.

Projected final NBA standings Dec 2 | Mathletics

A math professor thinks the Rockets will finish 48-34 and get the eighth seed. I'm just including this to provide definitive proof that math is dumb.

J.J. Watt is better than you think he is |

OK, OK, I know this isn't Rockets related, but I also know most of you are Texans fans and this is a terrific read. It tells us something we already know: J.J. Watt is historically dominant. Just how dominant is honestly startling to read.