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Rockets vs. Timberwolves game thread: 15-4?

The Rockets have the chance to play for a .789 win percentage tonight

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Timberwolves are injury-riddled, coming off one of the worst losses of the year by any team (the Rockets' loss to the Lakers is in the conversation, too) and they're at home.

The Rockets are playing stifling defense, no matter who's on the floor. Tarik Black is blossoming before our eyes. Joey Dorsey seems to have discovered some usefulness. Jason Terry looks 33 again and Dwight and Canaanball seem like they're on their way back.

Maybe one of these days people will start to really fear this team around the country. Because it's looking more and more like our bench guys + Harden is one of the better teams in the league, especially defensively.