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Game 49 - Rockets vs Cavaliers Gamethread

When a game meets a nice thread, and they love each other very much, they sometimes make a gamethread.

Don't want to see this shirt again tonight, James.
Don't want to see this shirt again tonight, James.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN is listing the Rockets as starting Garcia and Motiejunas tonight.

More reliable sources in the form of @JasonCFriedman announce that James Harden will play, Francisco Garcia won't play and that Omer Asik and Greg Smith are nowhere to be found. Well I'm sure you could find them, but they weren't practicing. I think we won't see either of them in action (rather than in inaction, which is more usual) until after the ASG.

As for lineups, my guess is that we will see the usual group of:

Patrick Beverley

James Harden

Chandler Parsons

Terrence Jones

Dwight Howard

I also guess that some Cavalier player who has done little to nothing all year will go for 30 tonight. Is that enough text? I hope so. Maybe it isn't. I can't seem to get around the word count thing on game threads. Other people do, so that must make me sort of slow.