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NBA Trade Deadline 2014: Rockets look to trade Omer Asik again, reports say

The trade deadline is less than 48 hours away, and the Rockets are reportedly jumping back on the trade Omer Asik train.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

That fateful day when it seemed all but determined that Omer Asik would be traded came and went in mid-December, and now the Rockets are approaching yet another deadline with their disgruntled center still on the roster. With less than two days left until the trade deadline, the Rockets are looking to trade Asik again, reports Ken Berger of CBS Sports.

Yet again, the team that appears most interested are the Philadelphia 76ers, with former Rockets executive Sam Hinkie at the helm. The Rockets, according to Berger, are interested in getting at least a first rounder back for Asik, but the Sixers are more interested in sending out players for Asik as they are looking to add picks instead of sending them away.

Therein lies the dilemma with sending Asik to the Sixers. Hinkie undoubtedly has interest in Asik and both executives have enough history together to be able to negotiate quickly and on good terms, but the disconnect involved with both teams wanting more draft picks make them an unlikely landing spot.

My guess? Asik stays a Rocket through the deadline and to the expiration of his contract. The Rockets want to make another concerted effort to move him so that they can tell his agent that they tried, and thus they are revving up negotiations again. I could be wrong, but there seem to be too many barriers to such a deal, especially at a time when the Rockets are playing very well.