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Rockets rumored to be pursuing Jeremy Lin for Rajon Rondo swap with Celtics

The internet is abuzz with rumors that the Rockets are trying to make a Rajon Rondo deal happen. Why that is probably nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

If you frequent basketball twitter, you would have heard this deal bandied about quite a bit over the last months. Jeremy Lin for Rajon Rondo, with either Omer Asik, Chandler Parsons, or other picks attached on the Rockets side of the deal. Today, those rumors have ramped up as Sam Amico of FoxSports and others have picked up on those talks and said the Rockets are continuing to push such discussions.

The deadline is nearing, and reporters are taking little bits of information and running with them, but I can't help but feel like there is absolutely nothing here. I'm not basing this on anything more than pure speculation, but it's not too hard to see where this story came from. Jeremy Lin is one of the most covered players in the league, and the Celtics are one of the most highly covered teams. Any peep from either side that such a deal had even been discussed and this firestorm could have been started.

This move just doesn't seem like Morey. He has had no qualms with breaking up teams in the past, but I don't see a situation where the Rockets get markedly better in a Rondo deal. Are they going to blow their flexibility and remaining assets on a player coming off an ACL tear that doesn't particularly fit the roster well when healthy? I just don't see it.

Let us know in the comments what you feel. Could you see a deal for Rondo coming to fruition? If so, what would it look like?