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Red Nation Radio: It's All About The Hamiltons, Baby

I’ll reach in my pocket, pull out some dough...

Now quiet in the theater or it’s gonna get tragic.
Now quiet in the theater or it’s gonna get tragic.

On the post trade deadline special, Mike & BD are joined again by "The Doctor," Armin, as they assess the minor trade for Jordan Hamilton in return for Aaron Brooks. They also touch on the negative reaction from fans that were expecting a bigger move and if Daryl Morey has spoiled them.

Dwight's return to Los Angeles goes well and leads to a debate on if this team has finally begun to mesh seamlessly and if the chemistry with the players is genuine. Also, with all of the Rondo rumors, the true value of Chandler Parsons is a sticking point.

They end the show with expectations of the five game road trip and just what they will be satisfied with as a result.

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