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Game #57: Rockets-Kings


Your usual game thread maker Tommy Fengs is indisposed at the moment and I'm not quite sure how to put up that fancy table that lists all the starters. But by now you guys know the drill, and you can read AK's preview here.You can commence you comments below.

Game starts at 10 PM Eastern. Those of you lucky enough to have Comcast can watch it while the rest of us continue to write angry worded letters in crayon.

Interesting aside, Jimmer Fredette is headed for a buyout and we've been discussing the possibility of the Jimmer being added to Houston's roster. Because nothing says excitement quite like that nice Mormon boy executing perfectly timed bounce passes and hitting wide open long twos.

But beside the fact that adding Jimmer would make our perimeter and transition defense even worse, he might make a serviceable back up behind Harden at the two. He'd have minimal ball handing duties and he'd add some nice depth to the roster while newly acquired Jordan Hamilton gets his bearings.