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Rockets Lambaste Timberwolves 129-106

An Account of a Splendid Victory for the Houston Rockets over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Gentle Reader,

At this point in our acquaintance I believe there may be sufficient Familiarity to presume that Honesty between us would not be Unwelcome. Thus I will confess to you a regrettable oversight on my part viz; I forgot today marked the commencement of The Spectacle known as March Madness. I failed to recall this Event, but I did not fail in my remembrance of you, Gentle Reader.

With such easy Familiarity between us, with Cordial, indeed, Jovial, Relations obtaining in our Lintercourse I shall in full Honesty Confess this Recapitulation of the Contest betwixt the Houston Rockets and Minnesota Timberwolves will be, perforce, Curtailed.

Perhaps at a Moment more Auspicious to such Undertakings I will find myself with Sufficient Leisure and will Expand this Account.

Tonight's Contest revealed upon its outset a Weary Pattern. The Rockets lacked Vigor, more, they made a Vice of Charity, gifting the Ball to the Timberwolves no fewer than 8 times in the First Quarter of play. Indeed the Conclusion of that Quarter found the Rockets trailing their Opponent by a tally of thirty-three to twenty-five Points. Vernal Airs, perhaps Subtle and Fragrant Breezes, produced a Dozy Address to the Contest from our Hirsute Heroes.

But upon the Conclusion of the Primary Period, the Rockets Doubled, and Redoubled their Application. Our Secondary Quarter saw the Rockets gain thirty-seven points, while their Opponent only accounted for paltry twenty-one points. After such display, the Contest Effectively Ended, despite twenty-four minutes of play yet remaining.

The Game's Conclusion saw the Rockets score one-hundred-twenty-nine Points, while the Timberwolves could account for Merely one-hundred-six Points. Perchance the Timberwolves were Exhausted from their Exertions against Dallas on the Previous Evening, whilst the Rockets Endured no such Deleterious Effects. Nonetheless, Victory is Sweet.

Seven Rockets may Boast of more than Ten Points Scored. All Rockets who played Scored points. The Team should be Proud to Claim a Sum of no fewer than Thirty-Six Assistances. Particular Laudatory Note should be given to the Performances of Messrs James Harden (of the Spendid Beard), Donatas Motiejunas (of Lithuania), Jeremy Lin (of the Victorious Crimson) and Chandler Parsons (A 'Gator).

With this I leave you,

Yours etc in Victory,


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