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A Recap of Sorts - Rockets Best Bobcats 100-89

Clunky, clangy, competitive, completed. Rockets conquer Bobcats.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Some games. There are some games that nobody wants to write about. There's a calendar for The Dreamshake writers to sign up for game recaps. Some games are quickly snapped up, usually the ones you'd think. I'm happy to take the West Coast games, because those now start at a normal game time for me.

And then there are games against the Charlotte Bobcats and their fellow travelers in the NBA Least.

Unlike many NBA Leastern Conference teams, the Bobcats have a bit of my respect. They have an outlook, an approach, even if it is one that only a Van Thibogundford could truly love. In fact, in a less successful Training Wheels Conference way, this Bobcats team reminds me of Rockets teams of a few years ago - full of solid 2nd - 5th options.

Of course the Rockets versions of those teams actually had winning records in the West. If any Bobcat besides Al Jefferson could score at something other than an appalling success rate it would perhaps help. If they could draft a star with one of their high picks, it would help. If Michael Jordan devoted himself to being elsewhere full time, it would probably help.

Anyway,Charlotte play a hard-nosed, tough-minded, shoulder-to-the-wheel, battlin', blue-collar, lunchpail, gym rat, high-effort, gritty, grindy, honest, work-a-day, high-motor, tradesmanlike, low-flying, defensive-minded, offensively laughable, and ultimately truly tedious style of basketball.

Two ugly games, two ugly wins. It's a good thing James Harden leveled up after the All-Star break. See you next year, Charlotte. By the way, nothing against the city of Charlotte. I generally really like North Carolina, its sad that it's not as good at pro basketball as it is at college basketball.

One of my favorite SBN blog names - Rufus on Fire.


The Rockets spent some time with elite NFL prospect JaDaveon Clowney, and nobody got hit once. I'm beginning to suspect maybe his "motor" isn't all that "high" after all. Again, no sacks for Clowney tonight. No hits. No tackles. Not. A. Prospect.