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Dwight Howard and Patrick Beverley return from injury for Rockets vs. Pelicans

The Rockets have received a much needed boost as Patrick Beverley and Dwight Howard will return to the lineup tonight against the Pelicans.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few days as the 35 point quarters and the disappointing losses have piled up, Rockets fans were pining to see Dwight Howard and Patrick Beverley back on the floor. Tonight, they will get their wish as the two will return from injury for the third to last game of the season against the New Orleans Pelicans. Howard is returning from an ankle injury that has held him out for the last 8 games, and Beverley is returning from a torn meniscus that did not require surgery.

The two will likely see limited minutes as the Rockets try to ease them back into the rotation and not overwork them too quickly, but their presence will be a much needed boost to a defense that struggled mightily as of late. However, the team will be missing depth on the wings as Chandler Parsons (wrist & hip) and Francisco Garcia (back) will miss tonight's game. Their benchings are more than likely just precautionary, but they are something to watch with the playoffs on the horizon.

Hopefully, Beverley and Howard can energize a team in need of some momentum, and help seal home court advantage in the first round tonight.