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Houston Rockets vs. Toronto Raptors game preview

The Rockets take on the Raptors in the Air Canada Centre, which has been a house of horrors for the Rockets in recent years.


The Rockets haven't won in Toronto since 2007. That's six straight losses. By an average of 14 points.

So it's safe to pick a Rockets loss tonight. Not to mention the absences of Dwight Howard and Patrick Beverley, and maybe Terrence Jones too.

It's tough to see the Rockets struggling right now, especially down the stretch. But so much can be attributed to injuries. The go-to excuse for the Warriors this season has been #fullsquad, and the Rockets are starting to have that excuse to fall back on.

Meanwhile, the Raptors are fighting for the 3-seed in the East and might seriously make some noise in the Eastern Conference playoffs, so it's not like they're some pushover in the Easty.

More and more, it seems that the Rockets have the fourth spot there if they want it. They would need to be basically perfect and get help the rest of the way to move up, and with injuries and whatnot I just don't see it happening.

Finally, I'd like to apologize about yet another short preview. Back-to-backs suck for writing, but I haven't watched a full Rockets game in weeks now because of school. I should be able to catch most of this one so I'll be able to write more thoroughly from now on.

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