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Video: Beverley takes flagrant foul from Mo Williams, skips away

Patrick Beverley got fouled hard in the fast break. His reaction was pretty amusing.

Bob Levey

In the fourth quarter, Patrick Beverley got out on the fast break and took off for what seemed to be an easy layup. Mo Williams had other ideas. Williams took him down with both arms, sending Beverley tumbling to the floor on what would be called a flagrant foul.

In typical Beverley fashion, he popped right back up, appearing to head for Williams before being redirected by Chandler Parsons. After gathering himself, he skipped up the floor to the Rockets bench while the referees reviewed the altercation. Check out the video below.

Beverley was on a technical, and is pretty lucky that Parsons was there to catch him, but it all worked out in the end. He has a little bit of crazy in him, but it's exactly the kind of crazy you want in your leader.