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Rockets playoff notes: Jeremy Lin misses practice, will play in game two

After missing practice yesterday with flu-like symptoms, Jeremy Lin will play in game two.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday morning, Jeremy Lin was forced to miss the Rockets practice after experiencing flu-like symptoms. He was listed as day-to-day, and today he returned to the team as expected. He will play tonight barring any other changes to his status.

Ordinarily, little tidbits like this don't mean much, but with the importance of game two, his sickness takes on a little more importance. Patrick Beverley will play tonight after spraining his knee in game one, but he may be hobbled and Lin may be called upon to take on a greater role as he did in game one. Down the stretch, Lin was perhaps the Rockets' most reliable offensive player, getting into the paint with ease in a simple high pick-and-roll. After watching the tape from game one, the Rockets may look to exploit Lin's playmaking more in game two.

It would be great to hear that James Harden had been experiencing flu-like symptoms before game one, because his offense held a certain resemblance to vomit down the stretch.