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Video: Mo Williams talks smack after Rockets vs. Blazers game four

Mo Williams and the Blazers won game four. He made sure rookie Troy Daniels knew about it after the final horn sounded.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

After the Blazers pulled out a crucial win on Sunday night, four of the Blazers starters retreated to the bench to celebrate with their teammates. Mo Williams had other plans. The Blazers guard, whose defining moments seem to be riding on LeBron James' coattails and threatening to retire after James left Cleveland, walked over to rookie Troy Daniels and got in his face, taunting him after Daniels had just put in the performance of his life down the stretch.

James Harden backed up Daniels and had a few words with Williams, and the rest of the Rockets simply headed to the locker room without incident.

After watching that video, two things are clear. One, Mo Williams is a douchebag. Secondly, somebody had better get into his face and take it to him in game five. You know the Rockets' championship teams wouldn't have taken crap like this.