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Rockets stun Nuggets 130-125 in overtime

The Rockets beat the Nuggets in OT 130-125 for win #51.

Scott Halleran

I'll be perfectly honest folks. I only watched 5 minutes and 10 seconds of this game.

I was watching Wrestlemania 30, with one eye on my twitter feed checking the score updates. It says a lot that the only show I insist on watching live (Game of Thrones) got relegated to third place tonight.

But I read and saw enough of tonight to say this: I'm not surprised at all. Well, I was surprised to see Undertaker's streak end. But not surprised about the Rockets game. Let me count the ways.

I'm not surprised that Houston got off to a slow start.

I'm not surprised that they figured it out and scored 47 points in the second quarter.

I'm not surprised that an ex-Rocket went nuts against Houston.

I'm not surprised that the second half was mostly owned by the visitors as Houston tried desperately to hold on.

And I'm not surprised that this team persevered.

By my count, there have been 8 games this season where I have asked, "How did we win that?" after the game. I can list them off, but take my word for it that there have been 8 games where the Rockets were in prime position to lose late and found a way to win. Those aren't "the game was close and they pulled it out" wins. Those are "snap victory from certain defeat" wins. There's a huge difference there.

I was so not surprised, that I turned the game on with 10 seconds left and the Rockets down 3 with the ball and expected a three. Harden acquiesced.

When Evan Fournier hit a three to give Denver a lead early in OT, I knew the Rockets would respond. Garcia promptly hit a three (where has this guy been?!?!?!) and then Parsons drained back-to-back triples to put it away.

I don't have to look at the boxscore to know that Omer Asik had a fantastic game. I also don't have to look to see that Aaron Brooks lit it up.

But more than anything else, I didn't have to watch to see that the Houston Rockets got grimy and pulled out an impossible victory. Again.

For almost 20 years, it's been more joke than true. But these Rockets are making Clutch City a relevant phrase again.