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Rockets fail to reach 150 points in 145-130 Victory over Lakers

Not nearly as close as the score would indicate. A brutal, but languid, beatdown.

33 in 33.  Basically a rookie.
33 in 33. Basically a rookie.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Who is this team in urine yellow and purple? Surely it can't be the Lakers?

It is?

Where are the stars? The beautiful people?

They've left? They didn't bother to show up?

Well, that's sad in a way. But not that sad.

It's all for a draft pick? I thought they had the 1-1 all wrapped up already.

When the Rockets decided to wave the white flag on behalf of the Lakers, the score was 115-90. At the end of the third. That didn't mean LA stopped shooting, if there's one thing they can do, its jack it when it doesn't matter. Every Rocket played, every Rocket scored.

James Harden went for 33pts and 12 assists in 32 minutes.

Terrence Jones went for 33pts in 33 minutes.

I just can't go on with this. This wasn't the Lakers, this wasn't a game. There was a brief bad patch while everyone except the Rockets conspired to move Steve Nash to #3 on the assist list. After that happened normal laws of physics and basketball applied and the rout was on. Good on Steve.

So now I turn it over to you:

Rockets showtimed the Lakers - DoubleBogey

violet palmer delivered as promised - Sohum

The Rockets flop their way to another victory. - Michael2k

The Lakers are so bad.

James Harden was merciless.

Steve Nash is still a pretty cool guy.

Holy crap the Lakers are so bad.


Rockets -

1st half: faffed around.

2nd half: slightly stopped faffing around.


Gif of Hulk smashing - NVP

...and in the end of the third Harden just stopped caring launching deep 3's one after another

They weren’t worthy of the beating he was giving them


I didn't watch. Was in a late night history class.

Guess it was about the same.


No defense. No defense. No defense. - Kevin Harlan, TNT

And the Lakers say "Ole!" - Chris Webber, TNT

The most important things should be said, prioritized

1) Houston won, by a trucktonne.
2) Terrence Jones sprained/cramped his ankle after repeatedly posterizing Ryan Kelly’s cervix. (that’s vagina-bone in English)
3) The Rockets had 80 points in the paint.
4) Everyone went crazy worried when TJ started limping. I don’t want to alarm anyone but OUR best PF is a 2nd year rookie. Go playoffs?


oh 150 is so close

this one is for you Doug Moe - NVP

And there you have it. Onwards.