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Yao Ming shoots down interest in buying the Los Angeles Clippers

The former Rockets star responded to an ESPN report last night that he was interested in buying the Clippers.

Lintao Zhang

Yesterday, both Bill Simmons and Marc Stein of ESPN reported that Yao was interested in getting an ownership group together to buy the Los Angeles Clippers. NBA fans everywhere applauded and were thrilled at the potential for trading the league's worst owner for a a former star player that is universally loved. Today, Yao responded to the report, shooting down the possibility.

Here's what he had to say to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle:

"I just heard about it in the morning my time," Yao said Saturday via email. "I really don't know where this news came from."

Well, that's a bummer. There aren't many better people I could think of to own a basketball team, and the NBA is simply a better place when Yao is around. Looks like we'll have to keep dreaming before Yao comes back. Or, Daryl Morey could just sign him to a two year contract.