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Mo Williams discusses trash talk with Troy Daniels during playoffs

The Trail Blazers bench player appeared on NBA TV this week, and discussed his faux "beef" with Troy Daniels during the first round of the playoffs.

Bob Levey

In a heated game four in the first round of the playoffs, Troy Daniels made his second playoff appearance ever and lit up the Trail Blazers to the tune of 17 points on 5-7 shooting. The Blazers got the last laugh in that one, however, as they took a 3-1 series lead with an overtime win in Portland. After the game, Mo Williams ran over to the Rockets bench and started jawing with Daniels, who appeared to be headed to the locker room. It wasn't clear what Williams was angry about, but he was quickly pulled away by his teammates.

The Blazers won the series in six, and we never really heard from either side what the argument was all about until two days ago, when Mo Williams appeared on NBA TV to discuss the playoffs. Here's what he had to say, courtesy of John Canzano.

He came out lighting us up, making all kinds of shots. My thing was, let me get him some attention. Let me get the reporters in his locker room asking him questions about me that has nothing to do with the game. Now, all his homeboys got to call him - all his friends, his mom, his sister, everybody. ‘What's going on? Is something wrong with you guys?' ‘There's nothing wrong with us.' The thing is, it's all a tactic.

The Blazers ended up taking the series, and Daniels was limited to just five points in the next two games, so Williams may have been successful. More likely, however, the Blazers simply made adjustments to close out more quickly and not help off Daniels as he only got off four shots in those two games.

What do you make of this? The trash talk was obviously annoying, but how would you feel if you were on the other side of it? What if it had been Francisco Garcia trash talking a rookie on the Blazers after a Rockets win? Would you be opposed to that?