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You have 15 dollars to make an All-Rockets lineup

You have just 15 dollars to make an All-Rockets lineup. Who will you pick?

Bob Levey

If you didn't see yesterday, Ball is Life ran a twitter post that challenged NBA fans to pick their NBA All-Time starting lineup. Of their choices, I took Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, and Hakeem Olajuwon.

Today, we challenge you to make your all-time Rockets lineup. Remember, you have $15 to use, and the positions and dollar values are as follows.

Point Guard

$5: Rafer Alston

$4: Matt Maloney

$3: Jonny Flynn

$2: Rod Strickland

$1: Rick Brunson

Shooting Guard

$5: Vassilis Spanoulis

$4: Luther Head

$3: Daequan Cook

$2: Brent Barry

$1: Jermaine Taylor

Small Forward

$5: Terrence Williams

$4: Ryan Bowen

$3: Trevor Ariza

$2: Glen Rice

$1: Terence Morris

Power Forward

$5: Brian Cook

$4: Marcus Morris

$3: Mo Taylor

$2: Scott Padgett

$1: Jared Jeffries


$5: Kelvin Cato

$4: David Andersen

$3: Hasheem Thabeet

$2: Cole Aldrich

$1: Hilton Armstrong

Who do you have?