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Red Nation Radio: Ladies & Gentlemen, My Name is Daryl Morey

And I'm an advocate of the Houston Rrrrrrrrockets!


A foreword from Mike: My apologies about the show disappearing for awhile. Windows 8 is awesome when it actually works and isn't damaging your PC with the 8.1 updates. Regardless, we commit to being more consistent this year and getting out a weekly show when the regular season gets close. Thanks for listening!

It's a new season for Red Nation Radio and Houston's own Big Three return to discuss what might happen on Draft night, if the Rockets are about to get a big time upgrade to the coaching staff and if Daryl Morey can realistically make this summer even more exciting than last year.

Also touched upon is if Daryl Morey is really annoying and frustrating other GM's as reported, if Dwight Howard is really serious about changing his attitude and how the most likely big time addition, Carmelo Anthony, would fit with him and James Harden.

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