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Who might the Houston Rockets target in the 2014 NBA Draft?

The Rockets have a pair of picks in the 2014 NBA Draft. Who might they go after?

Mike Stobe

The NBA Draft is quickly approaching and the Houston Rockets have been working out prospects almost every day. This is the time of year when mock drafts are all over the place, and people really aren't sure who each team is going to take. As for the Rockets, they have been linked to several players such as Tyler Ennis, Jordan Adams, K.J. McDaniels. and P.J. Hairston. Each of these players could help feel a need for the Rockets and we're going to examine how they could help the Rockets.

The first player on the list is Tyler Ennis. Ennis has been a popular pick for the Rockets in mock drafts lately, and he could be the point-guard of the future if they take him. In his freshman season at Syracuse, he averaged 13 points per game and 5 assists.

He has tremendous upside as a scoring point-guard, and he is just 19 years old. Considering Patrick Beverley's knee issues and Jeremy Lin's uncertain future with the team, this pick makes sense for the Rockets. If Ennis were there at #25, the Rockets would be happy to add a point-guard who can help them now and even more in the future.

The next player that has been linked to the Rockets is Jordan Adams. Adams averaged 17 points per game in his sophomore year at UCLA, and he could add some much-needed firepower on the Rockets bench. Behind James Harden, there isn't a shooting guard who can come into the game off the bench and make a scoring impact.

Adams is a physical guard who could be able to come in right away and be a go-to scorer off the bench for Houston. If he is available when they are picking, the Rockets will take a hard look.

K.J. McDaniels is another player that the Rockets are likely going to target come next Thursday. McDaniels came out of nowhere and has become a very popular name towards the end of the first round. His best season was this past year where he averaged 17 points per game.

McDaniels would be a great pickup for the Rockets, and he fills a few of their needs. He could could instantly give them scoring off the bench. His athleticism is obvious, and his defense is exactly what the Rockets are looking to add to their roster. Although he has a number of question marks because his one big season was a bit out of the blue, the Rockets will be keeping close tabs on McDaniels on draft night.

The last player that has been linked to the Rockets is P.J. Hairston. Hairston was kicked off of the UNC roster this past season, but he ended up playing for The Texas Legends. For the Legends, he averaged 20 points per game and showed no signs of declining. Hairston has the potential of being a headache for whichever team drafts him, but his scoring ability simply can't be ignored. If he weren't booted from college, Hairston would have found himself in the 10-20 range in this year's draft. Hairston will be a big-time scorer in the NBA and would be an excellent value at the back end of the first round of the draft.

While all of the players above could fit in with the Rockets, the best player to draft is Jordan Adams. Adams can score the ball at will, and can also play tough defense. The Rockets are desperate for bench help, especially at the shooting guard position. Adams will be able to help when James Harden is not in the game and his game is only going to continue to get better. The options are numerous for Houston, but I see them going with a guard who help make an impact right away.

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