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James Harden throws out first pitch at Astros game

The Rockets shooting guard threw out the first pitch at the game, and acquitted himself pretty well.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There's an unfortunate tradition at baseball games where celebrities show up, take the mound for a ceremonial first pitch and torpedo the ball into the ground or throw it ten feet wide of home plate. James Harden did not want to join the excessively long club of failed first ceremonial first pitchers, but he had his chance on Sunday afternoon. Fortunately for the Rockets guard, he acquitted himself pretty decently, throwing a decent pitch that got some of the plate (albeit a bit up in the zone).

Here's the video, courtesy of

Harden was not the only Rocket at the game. Patrick Beverley took in a 6-4 victory that clinched a series win on Sunday and was even nice enough to tweet his section number so fans could come take pictures with him. He also wasn't the first Rocket to throw out a first pitch this season, as Troy Daniels threw out the ceremonial first pitch on May 30th after his playoff success.

Anyway, I hear there's something called free agency starting in a couple of days. That might be interesting.