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This picture makes me sick

Chandler Parsons and Mark Cuban are apparently celebrating the offer sheet the Mavericks and Parsons agreed to. The picture makes me sick.

Bob Levey

Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons spent the better part of the afternoon cooking up an offer sheet that will make the Rockets seriously think twice about whether they want to retain the fourth year forward, and now they are apparently celebrating the result.

All I can say is that I feel more than a little bit sick looking at that picture. In my mind, I wanted to believe this entire process was just Parsons setting his own market before happily waltzing back to the Rockets, but that is becoming harder and harder to believe by the minute.

As I said on Twitter, this is like watching your girlfriend flirt with the biggest asshole at a party, only in this case, the flirtation can be seen my millions of people on the internet. Chandler, I like you and want you to stay with the Rockets, but you have to stop hanging out with Cuban. It's not a good look for you.