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Rockets, Lakers talking Jeremy Lin trade, reports say

With the Rockets moving into position to sign Chris Bosh, Daryl Morey is reportedly talking to the Lakers on a Jeremy Lin trade

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With news breaking today that LeBron James will join the Cleveland Cavaliers on a free agent contract, the Rockets have quickly turned their attention to signing Chris Bosh, who is expected to leave the Heat for Houston. In order to make such a move, they have to trade Jeremy Lin, and with that in mind, they have reportedly engaged the Lakers in trade discussions for the point guard.

Here's what Marc Stein had to say:

The Rockets have reportedly agreed to terms with the Sixers on a Lin deal, but it makes sense for them to shop it around so they can get a better offer. Sam Hinkie would probably understand.

The deal will likely send Lin to the Lakers along with a first round pick in exchange for cap space, and makes sense on a lot of fronts. The Lakers have struck out on all their free agent targets, they get an asset, and keep themselves relevant with one of the most marketable players in the league. As if Lakers fans weren't insufferable enough.