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After whiffing on Chris Bosh, Rockets turn attention to......Trevor Ariza?

After getting turned down by the prettiest girl at the party, the Rockets may be getting a little bit desperate.


The Rockets thought they had free agency nicely wrapped up this afternoon, adding Chris Bosh to a roster that won 54 games last season, seemingly heading for championship contention before Chris put the ki-Bosh on that (sorry). With Bosh heading back to Miami, the Rockets have about 36 hours before they have to decide on Chandler Parsons' offer sheet to put together a free agency plan. Reports indicate they are looking at Trevor Ariza.

Really, Daryl? This is our great consolation prize? I'm willing to withhold judgment until I see legitimate interest, but count me out of any Trevor Ariza pursuit. Is Daryl Morey really preparing to give contract year Trevor Ariza another big deal? I just don't see it.

Ariza had a good year last season and would definitely make a lot of sense for the Rockets as a swingman off the bench, but I can't imagine him being worth it at the dollar figures being floated around. At mid-level money for two or three years, I'd jump at the chance to bring him in, but I am not interested in seeing Ariza come to Houston on another $30+ million deal.

It is worth noting that in all this madness, the Rockets still have Dwight Howard and James Harden. If Morey wants to, he can bring back most of the team from last year except for Lin and Asik, and fill in the gaps with a number of exceptions at his disposal. Today was a massive disappointment and big blow to the Rockets, but all is not lost.