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Rockets party like it's 2009, sign Jeff Adrien, Joey Dorsey

Remind me what year it is?

Stephen Dunn

Well, that escalated quickly. After whiffing on Chris Bosh, the Rockets have set their sights on bigger and badder targets, signing Joey Dorsey and Jeff Adrien to free agent contracts today. Both will be for roughly the veteran's minimum, with Dorsey earning two years and Adrien netting one.

According to Jonathan Feigen, the Rockets have been tracking Dorsey for the last three years in Europe, and are impressed by his development. Here's a quote from Dork Elvis:

Dorsey has become the best defensive big in Europe and was voted the best defender on a Euroleague champion team.

With a 7 foot, 255 pound Turkish hole left at the backup center, it makes sense that the Rockets would move swiftly to upgrade their bench bigs. Just how much of an upgrade Dorsey and Adrien represent remains to be seen. Adrien is a rebounding machine but is fairly limited otherwise, and Dorsey is an undersized but ferocious defender. He only managed roughly a modest 5 points and 5 rebounds a game for Barcelona, so it remains to be seen just how much he will bring to the team.

On an unrelated note, the signing means we get GORILLA DUNKS back from Dorsey. Perhaps, we'll see a new installment of Ruminations from the Bench in the near future.