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Rockets and Sixers engaged in Jeremy Lin trade discussions, report says

The Rockets will have to trade Jeremy Lin if they are to sign Carmelo Anthony, and one report says they are discussing him with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Scott Halleran

With the Rockets scheduled to meet with Carmelo Anthony today, the team has reportedly also set their sights on how they will clear the cap space for Anthony if he does agree to a contract, continuing trade conversations with the Philadelphia 76ers. Here's what Jake Fischer of Liberty Ballers had to say:

Liberty Ballers has had a number of Sixers-related scoops over the last few years, and are fairly connected to the Philadelphia front office, so this news is fairly reliable. It also should come as little surprise as the Sixers are making little effort to hide the fact that they are willing to sacrifice wins now in exchange for future assets. Renting their cap space to the Rockets in exchange for a couple of picks would give them a quality backup point guard, help them continue to rebuild their roster, and only help the Sixers moving forward. It's a win-win, and a deal like this seems likely to go through if the Rockets can get Anthony on board.

The Rockets are in something of a seller's market when it comes ditching Jeremy Lin, as there are a number of teams under the cap willing to rent their space for a year, so they will hopefully be able to negotiate a favorable deal. But first, they have bigger things on their mind as they meet with Carmelo Anthony today.