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Rockets News: Trevor Ariza to wear number one; Isaiah Canaan switches to zero

LeBron returns to Cleveland and the number 23. Trevor Ariza returns to the Rockets and the number 1. That means Ariza will play like LeBron, right?

'I'm number one. What? I'm number zero now?'
'I'm number one. What? I'm number zero now?'
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This is where the basketball news cycle is at now. We're talking about jersey numbers. The Rockets have announced that Trevor Ariza will wear his traditional number one jersey, and second-year player Isaiah Canaan will switch to number zero.

Ariza has previously worn the number one with the Magic, Rockets, Hornets, and Wizards. Canaan broke the safety glass labeled " Use for scoring off the bench only!", containing the Aaron Brooks memorial jersey. No word if Canaan also took the red blazer.

There isn't much more to add about this story. Looking ahead, outside of a new signing, the 2014 FIBA World Championships and NBA schedule release is the next up. James Harden and team USA will close out training camp on August 1 with the USA Basketball Showcase in Las Vegas.